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Down to Earth Landscapes

Arborist Chippings

Arborist Chippings

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Arborist Chippings
Chippings are from our arborist work.
Contain leaves, needles, wood and bark.
Disease free but no consistency in sizing.
Is not aesthetically pleasing like Parkland Mulch.
Lots of organics, used for gardens, areas that need moisture retention

Handy Cube Tote Bag - $65 (contains 1-1.5 cubic yards)

  • There will be a credit of $20 when the Tote is returned in good condition.
  • The benefit is easy to deliver and haul if you don't have a truck.
  • Easy way to keep the worksite clean.
  • If you don't use it all it can easily be picked up or returned. (no credits given) (a second charge will apply if we have to pick it up)

Bulk Quantity - $15/ per cubic yard

  • Minimum 3 cubic yards
  • We will load the customer with our bobcat
  • We do NOT let people load themselves unless special arrangements are made with the office.
  • Delivery available
  • Discounted rate for oversized orders of greater than 20 cubic yards (10%) of total bill including delivery fee if there is one.
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